Sourcing Safety Data Sheets

Safedoc.ie will source the latest revision of safety data sheets for the chemical products throughout your organisation. We will keep them up to date through regular contact with the suppliers of the chemical products. The current and previous revisions of the safety data sheets will be available to staff within the organisation 24/7.


Chemical Approval

The Safedoc.ie team will approve the safety data sheets to ensure that they meet the requirements of the criteria for compliance with national and international regulations. Organisations can also set own approval criteria. Safedoc.ie can be used to make your existing chemical approval process more accessible and less time consuming for all parties involved.


Chemical Risk Assessments

Documented chemical risk assessments must be completed for hazardous chemical products used in the workplace.

The Safedoc.ie CARA tool allows members of staff to easily navigate a step by step process for completing their documented chemical agent risk assessments. The module allows you to manage and distribute your site chemical risk assessments in conjunction with your safety data sheets.

Staff can also upload and store previously created risk assessments or other chemical safety documents relevant to each chemical product.

Chemical Hazard Reports

Safedoc.ie will give your users the ability to create reports on the hazards on-site including:

  • List of all CMR's.
  • View of products by specific hazard (e.g. Pregnancy hazards, flammable, corrosive etc
  • Products by transport classification.

The user can also use the advanced search facility to search for a single specific hazard by Risk Phrase, Symbol, Hazard Statement, Pictogram etc.



Safedoc.ie will inform users through the History and Notification tabs:

  • When Safety Data Sheets have been updated.
  • Safety Data Sheets have been added or removed from departments.
  • The classification of a chemical product has changed i.e. from an Irritant product to a Corrosive product.

Quality Control

All documents on Safedoc.ie are fully controlled in line with our quality system which is certified under the Quality Standard ISO9001:2018, certificate number: Q3491.

Users of Safedoc can view all previous revisions of safety data sheets and chemical agent risk assessments.